A Simple Solution for Sizing

Find the Best-Fitting Gear for Your Team

At Alloy Cycling, we know how difficult it can be to figure out the jersey and shorts sizes for every member of an entire team. That’s why we offer use of our Fit Kit, or sizing kit, for the convenience of your team of club. The Fit Kit allows you to see our custom cycling jerseys and shorts and try them on to determine exact sizing and fit for everyone involved.

We may require you to put down a refundable deposit before we can loan you our Fit Kit. We may also require you to pay shipping and return postage charges. For more specifics about the gear we offer, please visit our individual item pages.

Our Fit Kit is stocked with everything you need to find out what will be most comfortable for all the members of your team. Though our cycling caps are designed to be one-size-fits-all, the Fit Kit contains other products that will be much more informative for anyone unsure of their size:

  • Men’s jerseys
  • Women’s jerseys
  • Shorts from sizes XS-3XL

Men’s & Women’s Jerseys